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Disney-cuccok töménytelen mennyiségben! Ti melyiket választanátok?

A Disney-cuccok nagyon úgy néz ki, sosem mennek ki a divatból! A rajzfilm figurás ruhák, kiegészítők belopták magukat a szívünkbe és lassan a ruhatárunkba is! Ti melyiket választanátok? #disneyfashion

Nagyon is trendinek számít, ha egy bőrdzseki alá Mickey-t veszed fel! A Disney-cuccok nemcsak a diákok körében hódítanak, hanem a felnőttek is előszeretettel viselik magunkon ezeket!

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Life Update & a Thank You: So this has been my 13th move in 10 years of living in LA. Moving is always hard. It’s hard to pack and reset your life. I’m in another temporary place for a few months and then I’m off to move again. Saving up money to hopefully buy a house and have (finally) a permanent place to live and create. I’m absolutely exhausted, body, mind and heart. I broke all my nails, and my roots are now hitting the 2 inch mark, and I can’t find almost any of my clothes still from the movers. But at the end of it all I’m thankful. I’m thankful for the opportunity to live somewhere rent free to save. I’m thankful to have a safe place to live. I’m thankful that, even though it’s not my favorite time in my life, I’m still continuing on this quest in LA LA Land to find my place in the world. I’m thankful for Mark & Bogart 🐶. And very thankful for my Coven. I’m thankful for all the little interactions I have with all of YOU! It may be small but posting on here and commenting with you really helps my mood. I feel a little overwhelmed trying to get my life back on track. But it’s so nice to post and chat with you all! I hope you all know your Instagram friendship means so much to me. And hopefully I’ll be back to creating and sharing some fun things soon!! 💕 • •#pinkhair #pinkaesthetic #disneystyle #instadisney #disneygram #disneyfashion #lifeupdate #thankyou #lovemyfollowers #sleepingbeauty #princessaurora

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